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Nigerian Online Stores


Shopping online has its advantages and perils. In developed countries, like U.S., retail stores are setting-up online sites (daily) in order to remain competitive as consumers gravitate towards the speed and convenience of online shopping. The situation is a bit different in Nigeria. Most Nigerians are still more comfortable with in-store shopping. Nigerian population is growing rapidly and the middle class is expanding as well. Nigerians are gradually warming-up to the idea of online shopping as the country is on track to become one of the largest economies in the world. And web savvy entrepreneurs are looking to cash-in on the booming economy and the rapidly expanding middle class with disposable incomes. More and more Nigerians are coming online everyday, but, some people will argue that the appeal of shopping on the internet is not just there yet because of numerous constraints. We are very enthusiastic that some day in the near future, online shopping will explode in Nigeria. It is therefore our duty to facilitate the process by presenting the top Nigerian Online stores and various bargains that you'll expect to find in such stores. If you've had either good or bad experience with any of the stores that you'll like to share, we'll be glad to publish your review.

Top Nigerian Online Stores

Konga Online Shopping Konga
Jumia Online Shopping Jumia
Dealdey Online Shopping Dealdey
Kaymu Online Shopping Kaymu
Kara Online Shopping Kara
Taafoo Online Shopping Taafoo
Mystore Online Shopping Mystore
Gloo Online Supermarket Gloo
SLOT Online Store SLOT
BrandNubians Online Store BrandNubians

Discover real experience with the range of mobile devices on Nigeria's Largest Online Marketplace.

Nigeria Online Stores

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Whether you are living abroad or within Nigeria, it is now a lot easier to shop for products and gifts for yourself, friends and loved ones. Most of the stores and products reviewed here offer great value and most of them have good reputation. We strive to present you with accurate information, but we urge you to  verify the accuracy with the respective merchants before conducting any business transaction with them. We sincerely welcome article contribution and wish you a great shopping experience.

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Infinix Hot Smartphone


The Infinix Hot Phone is a 5 inch phone featuring a touch screen that comes in a variety of colors and a few network options, 2G and 3G. It has a 1.3 GigaHz Quad Core processor and runs on Android 4.4.2, the Kit Kat update. The phone includes a 16 GB ROM and a 1 GB RAM, but unfortunately lacks a slot for a microSD card should the 16 GB memory not be enough to satisfy your needs. It has a 5mp rear-facing camera and a 2mp front-facing camera. Connection options for the phone include wifi, wifi hot spots, USB connections, and Bluetooth version 4.0. Inside is a 2000 MAH battery, light sensor and proximity sensor. The phone plays MP3, MIDI, AMR, and WAV files for all your musical pleasures. Video wise, it plays 3GP, AVI, and AVI files. The standard e-mail used is Gmail. The standard social network connected is Facebook

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Review Of The Nokia 215:For users who need a comfortable and versatile phone to suit them for their day to day needs, the Nokia 215 can be a great choice. There are numerous unique features that come with this phone, making it a great purchase for both casual and business needs. It is a fairly straightforward phone that does not contain too many unnecessary features or functions, and what it does focus on, it performs exceptionally well. >>Read full review

  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: For people who need to use a reliable phone that can provide them with a ton of features and all of the connectivity they need to stay in contact with their friends and loved ones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the clear solution. >>Read full review
  Nokia Lumia 520: When you need a new phone that can provide you with a variety of advantageous features, one of the best purchases that you can make this year is the Nokia Lumia
520. This phone promises a lot of exciting and innovating features, which can ensure that users find everything they need to enjoy their day to day hobbies and interests. >>Read full review
  Blackberry Passport: A Fusion Of The Old And The New: Blackberry Limited has always been on the cutting edge of the smartphone industry, since their inception as Research in Motion (RIM) Limited where they broke new ground with their Blackberry Pager 900. It introduced some of the early versions of the modern current smartphone interface. >>Read full review

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More Nigerian Online Stores

Ojashop Shopping

Online shopping can be a smart consumer's best friend, with the ability to easily compare prices on different retail platforms, search for discounts and make purchases with a few mouse clicks and in most cases, the process only takes few minutes. But, we urge to take precautions against fraudulent stores and online sellers that do not care about the consumer's shopping experience. The above Nigerian online stores are the best places to buy from.

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