Customer Service Matters Even More Than Price Discounts


Identifying where there is a competitive edge is important; however, knowing whether it creates customer value is equally crucial. A competitive edge is only valuable to an organization if it is important to clients. The marketing phrase, perception is reality, means that the most important thing is what the customer thinks, not what the organization believes. If customers think that an organization has excellent customer service, then this specific observation is the only one that really matters. Thus, organizations should understand why customer service matters even more than price discounts.

Why Customer Service Matters Even More than Price Discounts

Different types of clients have different expectations and requirements; therefore, it is important to determine which group of customers is being considered. Businesses must have a specific customer group in mind when completing this analysis. The competitive edge for a business of having aspects of the plan that are both valuable and unique to clients is made even more critical if these advantages are difficult for other businesses to copy.

For example, advantages relating to trading terms, discounts, and prices are easy to copy with a click of a mouse, provided the monetary power exists to do so. Other advantages relating to the specification or performance of a product are also somewhat easy to copy. A new product feature can be copied by competitors within a few days or weeks. Thus, advantages that are harder to copy are those relating to any aspect of the business plan where the organization enjoys exclusive access. This may be customers and markets, business processes, people and skills, technology, or raw materials.

The reputation of a business, its products or services, and its brand image are also elements of competitive edge that are very difficult to copy. This is because they are usually developed over time through a focused and consistent strategy. Similarly, those relating to aspects of customer experience, such as after--sales support and customer service, are equally difficult for competitors to copy.

Everyone loves to save a few dollars; however, the quality of customer service should be at the top of everyone's list when shopping. After prices, taxes, shipping, and other expenses, most products from different competitors will end up costing roughly the same price. However, there are some exceptions occasionally. Therefore, saving a few dollars here and there should not be the deciding factor. The key to a bad or excellent shopping experience can be the quality of customer service.

Excellent customer service is the key element needed for a successful organization. In this customer driven market, competition is becoming stiffer each day; therefore, organizations cannot think of growth without considering good customer service. Some organizations underestimate the importance of client satisfaction while laying the foundation of their business. Instead, they focus all their attention on organizational infrastructure and quality of services or products. However, it is the customers who make or break an organization.

Excellent customer service can benefit organizations in countless ways. By understanding the importance of customer satisfaction, businesses can take the necessary measures to provide their customers with a positive and exceptional experience. In addition to bringing about financial success, customer satisfaction also influences the working environment in an organization. With decreased pressure of meeting financial targets, employees can enjoy working in a comfortable atmosphere, thus encouraging them to improve their productivity. This also leads to overall improved productivity.

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