How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online in Nigeria


Shopping online can be a great way to find incredible deals for all of your favorite items. It can be one of the most convenient ways to save money and time, as everything that you need is laid out right in front of you. However, shopping online can also be dangerous. There are many harmful programs and criminal connections just waiting to latch onto your computer. If you are not careful, an otherwise pleasant shopping experience can be ruined, and you may need to clean your computer, or, worse, have to perform investigations on your bank account. Fortunately, however, staying safe online can be as easy as remembering a few simple tips. Keep the following in mind in order to enjoy a safe online shopping experience.

Always Use Familiar Websites

One of the most important ways to get started is to always use websites that are familiar to you. Always start with trusted websites when you want to shop, instead of relying on a search engine. Search results can sometimes lead you astray, especially if you start to move lower and lower down the list of suggestions. A lot of the time, traditional websites are best because of how their services are arranged and how familiar they are to shoppers. While other websites may have enticing deals, it is important for you to understand that they might be tricks in order to get you to give out your private details.

Look for a Lock

Even if you want to begin looking at other websites, it is important to make sure that they are secured first. If you have to buy anything, never ever shop anywhere that does not have an SSL. This is an abbreviation for a secure sockets layer, and it is an encryption that makes sure that all of your vital information is kept hidden and protected. You will know that the website is using an SSL because their URL will start with an HTTPS, instead of the regular HTTP. Most browsers will demonstrate this security through the appearance of a little lock next to the address bar. No matter what, however, never give away any of your information over an email, as this is not how shopping websites work.

Never Reveal Too Much

No shopping websites will ever need to know your social security number or your date of birth in order to do business. When criminals get this information, they are free to use it however they like, putting your financial security at risk. Be sure to only follow prompts that ask for simple and necessary things, such as your payment information and address. Always be careful when you shop, and check with other resources to be absolutely sure.

Always Check Your Statements

Sometimes, when the bill arrives, it will already be too late. Avoid making mistakes by always checking your statements online. Most websites will provide you with a statement on your credit card based on your purchase. You can always check this statement to make sure that you are only purchasing what you need, and that the company is not doing anything else with your money. Be sure to verify with your credit card company as well, and always stay on top of all of your financial activity, no matter how much time has passed since your last online order.

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