Method of Payment to Be Used While Shopping Online


Shopping online offers consumers a great deal of convenience. People are shopping on their laptops, mobile devices and any other device that is internet enabled. With this convenience, comes a great deal of risk as well. Your financial information may easily be compromised and you can lose a lot of money, time, sleep and piece of mind over stolen identity. So, you need to be very careful while shopping online. Even in developed countries where cyber security is given utmost consideration and every company is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the consumers personal information, compromises do occur and this can be very costly,  both to the affected consumer and the merchant. In these societies, there are functioning regulatory bodies that protects the consumers.

This may not be the case in Nigeria.

Online shopping is still very new in Nigeria and quite frankly, most of the retail sites that we have visited are not sure and we cannot guarantee that they have the necessary resources to protect your financial data.

Therefore, we advice that if any of the stores that you are dealing with, offers cash on delivery, please choose that option.

Considering the fact that armed robbery is still very rampant in Nigeria, make sure you verify that person delivering the product is in fact legit, before allowing him or her into your home or office.


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